Sponsored Residential

What are Sponsored Residential Services?

Sponsored Residential services are supports provided to individual(s) with developmental disabilities in the homes of families or persons (The Sponsors) under the supervision of a DBHDS-licensed provider (Arch Support Residential Services. Sponsors are compensated for the services they provide by their DBHDS-licensed provider.

These supports consist of skill-building activities, routine supports, general supports for activities of daily living, and safety supports. The sponsor will be responsible for providing supports that encompass all aspects of the individual’s life with the priority being the health and safety of the individual(s) being supported.

As a DBHDS-licensed provider agency, Arch Support Residential Services ensures that our Sponsors meet DBHDS regulatory compliance and are properly trained and ready to provide quality levels of service to the individual(s) placed in their home.

Our Mission at Arch Support Residential Services is to Improve the Quality of Life of each of our Residents while maintaining their Health and Safety. We are committed to making “The Life Our Individuals Want, The Life That They Have.” We do this by listening to them, learning about them, and understanding their wants and needs.

I want more information

or for more information text “Sponsor” to (804) 259-2181

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What does a Sponsor do?

Responsibilities of the sponsor include but are not limited to the following….

  • As a Sponsor your Primary Objective is the Health and Safety of the individual(s) you support
  • Provide support for activities of daily living to ensure the individual’s basic needs are met.
  • Assist the individual(s) in developing skills that increase their levels of independence.
  • Meal preparation if the individual is unable to prepare their own meals.
  • Supporting the individual in building and maintaining positive healthy relationships.
  • Assist the individual in replacing any challenging behaviors with positive and socially acceptable behaviors where needed.
  • Provide opportunities for the individual to go out into the community and have fun!

How do I become a Sponsor?

Initial Consultation.

  • We contact you and provide additional details about the process and requirements of becoming a sponsor.

Complete a Sponsor Application, Sponsor & Home Assessment

  • We interview you and your references. Tour your home. We ensure that your lifestyle is conducive to creating an environment the individual(s) can flourish in.

Home set-up & Readiness

  • Fire inspection
  • First Aid supplies
  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Emergency supplies

Orientation Training & Development

  • Some of our training modules include (Medication Administration Training, First Aid & CPR, Supporting the Individual(s), Completing required documentation, etc.)

Assessment and placement of the individual(s)

  • Each individual placed with the sponsor chooses to live with the sponsor and each sponsor chooses to accept the individual. This is a mutual agreement.

What are the requirements of becoming a sponsor? How do I qualify?

All sponsors and their homes must meet certain rules established by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services. Some of the requirements include the following:

  • Provide a clean and safe environment with adequate amenities to provide a structured, nurturing environment for the individual to flourish in.
  • Your lifestyle must be conducive to the safety and well-being of the individual(s) you support.
  • Demonstrate patience, professionalism, and compassion for others.
  • WIFI/Internet.
  • Provide evidence you are of adequate health to provide care for the individual(s) you will serve.
  • A satisfactory criminal background check.