Arch Support Adult Services program is a group home program designed to support the overall needs of male adults with a primary diagnosis of mental retardation.  The program’s consumers will reside in a home environment that is spacious, clean, comfortable, secure, structured and supervised by qualified individuals who strive to support their unique needs and promote their ability to thrive and advance.

Our program is specifically designed to guide and support consumers through individualized milestones established to ensure their continuous growth and overall progress.  Each consumer’s care will be directly influenced by various goals, objectives, and strategies established in conjunction with regular observation of their behavior, ongoing assessments and an evaluation of their strengths and weaknesses.  Each consumer will play a pivotal role in the design of their treatment services, as the inclusion of their input and preferences will be critical to their motivation and subsequent potential to achieve their goals.

The overall purpose of our program is to promote advancements in their mental, emotional, behavioral, educational, vocational, physical and social development.