Programs and Services:

Assessment – Each consumer shall be subject to an initial functional assessment which will evaluate their functional strengths, weaknesses and needs.

Individualized Service Planning – Following the initial assessment process, each consumer will participate in the development of their individualized service plan along with support from program staff.

Case Management Services – The program shall ensure that each consumer’s physical, social, behavioral, educational, vocational and psychological needs and preferences are identified and addressed through service coordination and regular feedback.

Individualized & Group Life and Social Skills Training Sessions:  The program’s consumers shall receive daily instruction toward their development and execution of various skills as outlined in their individualized service plan.

Recreational Exposure – The program shall ensure that all consumers are provided with exposure to an array of recreational activities coordinated to heighten their interest, knowledge and social skills.

Horticulture Training Program – This aspect of the program shall engage consumers in learning exercises about caring for plants, fruits, and vegetables.  Through weekly training sessions facilitated by a horticultural specialist, consumers will learn how to care for internal and external plants, how to plant and harvest natural foods and vegetables as well as awareness of ways to promote a healthy environment.

Sensory and Mental Stimulation Activities - The program will offer sensory and mental stimulation activities including those that highlight the use of all 5 senses.

Promotion of Family Involvement – We will promote the inclusion of consumer’s family members and authorized representatives through weekly activities designed to promote regular visitation, participation in fun activities and consistent communication between program staff and family members.